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What to do in Chaumont-Gistoux ?

Quite part from its now internationally renowned tarts, Chaumont-Gistoux has lots else to tempt the visitor or prospective resident.

Because there is so much to do and see the best thing to do is to contact our specialised Tourist Office, 2 Rue Colleau. It’s open Monday through Thursday 9am-12am and 1pm-4pm and on Fridays from 9am-12am, or email them at c2lAY2hhdW1vbnQtZ2lzdG91eC5iZQ==


The community Sports Centre 8, Av Ronvau is located in the magnificent Ronvau area of the town. The Centre caters for a full range of popular sports such as football, tennis, volley ball, etc but also has dedicated play zones where you can just hang out or play with your children at whatever you want even "petanque", the game you always see being played in the town squares of France.

Because of its large car park, the Sports Centre is also the perfect starting point for walking or biking trips. To quench that thirst or sate that hunger it also has a cafeteria serving meals and drinks both inside and outside on the terrace. If you need info, just contact them either by email at  Y2VudHJlLnNwb3J0aWZAY2hhdW1vbnQtZ2lzdG91eC5iZQ== or call 010/68.95.33.


A network of truly exceptional paths and walkways criss-crosses the whole area and is something that all residents are duly proud as it enables them and visitors alike to appreciate the natural beauty of the countryside and its patchwork of fields, woods and picturesque villages.
Walking is so popular in Chaumont-Gistoux that a group of local people have formed, the Paths and Trails Group and who regularly organise guided walks( 4-5 walks per month)and produce a number of brochures that describe some 30 country walks and trails. This group can be contacted either by email, aW5mb3NAZ3JvdXBlc2VudGllcnMuYmU= or by phone on 010/84.03.17.


Chaumont-Gistoux is full of good places to eat. Here are a few :

A Due Passi, Chaussée de Huy, 18 in Dion Valmont

ViaNovi, Chaussée de Huy, 71 in Dion Valmont

L'Horizon, chemin de Tout-Vent, 37 in Bonlez

32 Chemin de l'Herbe, Chemin de l'Herbe, 32 in Bonlez

Brasserie Le Daneel's, Chaussée de Huy, 191 in Gistoux

Le Vivacco Grill, Chaussée de Huy, 281 in Gistoux

Terre de Feu, Chaussée de Huy, 205 in Gistoux

Café de la Poste, Chaussée de Huy, 243 in Gistoux

Chez Soi, chez Moi, Chaussée de Huy, 224 in Gistoux

Pasta Fresca, Chaussée de Huy, 188 in Gistoux

La Tanière, Rue du Manypré, 79 in Corroy-le-Grand


The Clock Museum, 5 Chemin de la Coquiere, Longueville, offers the visitor a rare opportunity to see some notable old clocks and time-pieces as well as to see the precision clock workshop.

The museum is open all year round and a guided tour can be requested with advance notification by emailing cGhpbGlwcGUucGF0ZXJAc2t5bmV0LmJl or calling 010/88.94.14. The premises are not suitable for handicapped visitors.

The KW line Museum, 1 Rue Pre Delcourt in Chaumont celebrates the military line of defence during the 2nd World War that stretched from Antwerp to Namur and of which the Koningshooikt to Wavre (KW) portion formed an integral part. This museum houses many original military uniforms worn during the war and time of occupation as well as a number of rare photographs and propaganda posters from the period.

Additionally the visitor can view wide range of weapons used during the bloody fighting both on the line as well as on the banks of the river Dyle , all of which played their part in the fight for the liberation of Wavre and the Battles of the Ardennes.
The museum is open May – September including Sundays and holidays from 2pm – 6pm or by appointment by calling 010/84.02.70. The premises are not suitable for handicapped visitors.


"The Folestival" is a concept born from the realisation that music concerts should not be exclusively targeted towards the young. The "Folestival" is thus targeted at the parents of their concert-going children and offers top-notch cover music played through a concert quality sound system. Of course the concert is complemented by a top quality infrastructure and the availability of good food and drink.

This concert takes place in Longueville, historically on the last Saturday in July and regularly attracts over 2.000 people.